We introduce ourselves as leading suppliers of Mithila (Madhubani) paintings items. Madhubani paintings depict mainly the events from mythology and nature. Our items are handmade and depict the artistic brilliance of the artisans who have drawn inspiration from the events of the bygone eras and their cultural prominence. From humble beginning 12 years ago, Petals Craft has now become a large family employing approximately 300 artisans and continues to expand the horizons of Madhubani paintings. Madhubani paintings occupy a special position for being created by the people having no formal or academic training. But from generation to generation, it has been handed down as a tradition of style and artisanship. Madhubani paintings are a result of collective sense for art & amp; aesthetics unlike the Modern art which originates out of one’s personal experiences and idiosyncrasies. These traditional paintings are enriched by the folklore myth, established epics and its local adaptations. Petals Craft in an affords to make Madhubani paintings available to a large¬†audience, has¬†innovatively incorporated the same in products used in every day life like files, folders, handbags, apparels, wall hangings, mobile covers etc.

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